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Missionary Cooperative Plan


The Missionary Cooperation Plan (MCP) is an arrangement within the Dioceses of the United States whereby parishes are assigned mission presentations each year through their Diocesan Mission Office.  When a parish receives a mission representative it is a wonderful opportunity to be exposed to and supportive of a specific current mission activity within our global church.  The mission appeal is intended to be a time of mutual blessing for the missioner and the parish/es. 


The Mission Office believes that it is very important for Catholics to understand why these folks come to your parishes through our office on a voluntary commitment or every other year as is scheduled.   It is not just another collection or request for funding for people you might not know.  It is an opportunity to open our hearts and our minds to the call we all have as missioners.  We ask you to please welcome them wholeheartedly on behalf of the diocese of St. Cloud and rejoice in the opportunity to learn and to grow in your faith in Christ through the knowledge and the experiences they share with you.  This is a wonderful way that we are able to be in solidarity with our brothers and sisters right next door or half way around the world.  It is a wonderful opportunity to make connections with people whom you might have a desire to develop a lasting relationship with.

If you're interested in getting your organization involved, or just want more information about MCP, download the documents below, which all give more information about the process.

Why do missionaries come to our diocese:

MCP Guidelines:

Letter of suitability template:

Application process for the Diocese of St.Cloud:


To be considered for the MCP program for the Diocese of St. Cloud, Minnesota, please submit an official letter of application to:

Elizabeth Neville Brown, Director

Mission Office/Society for the Propagation of the Faith

11- 8th Avenue South

St. Cloud, MN. 56301

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