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Striving for global solidarity in all parts of the world


Here in the St. Cloud Mission Office, we are very lucky to have connections in so many parts of the world! The series of pages within this section are meant to help introduce you to the wonderful friends we have globally.

We believe that making connections with people around the world is not only fruitful, but also extremely important to our ability to grow and live as faith-filled people. Here at the mission office our connections take two primary forms. We are blessed to have a couple of solidarity partnerships globally, which you can read more about. We are also lucky to have a number of missionaries that we are connected with. We are very proud of all our missioners religious and lay, native to the United States and those from abroad. Many of our religious missionaries serve with their religious orders: Benedictines, Franciscans, and Crosiers are common. We also work with missionaries from various other organizations such as Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers (MM), Maryknoll Lay Missionaries (MKLM), and Mill Hill Missionaries (MM). This is not an exclusive list of how we have become connected with our missionaries, but these are some of the organizations and orders they serve with. No matter how we connect, we are very grateful for everything they do!

To learn more about our missioners, you can continue reading about them in our newsletters.

*If you are aware of or in contact with a missioner from our diocese that you think we may have missed, please let us know! Also please note that these pages are currently being edited. There are missioners that have simply not been added yet!

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